Arthritis Care is here to make sure that people with arthritis in Wales have all of the support and information they need to live well with their condition, as well as to ensure the needs of people with arthritis are a priority with policymakers in Wales. Arthritis Care Wales runs a number of different services for people of all ages with arthritis, ranging from activity sessions for young people to practical support and information for those with arthritis.

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Mae Gofal Arthritis yma i sicrhau bod gan bobl gydag arthritis yng Nghymru yr holl gefnogaeth a gwybodaeth maent eu hangen i fyw yn dda gyda'u cyflwr, yn ogystal â sicrhau bod anghenion pobl gydag arthritis yn flaenoriaeth gyda'r rhai sy'n llunio polisïau yng Nghymru. Mae Gofal Arthritis Cymru yn cynnal amrywiaeth o wahanol wasanaethau ar gyfer pobl o bob oedran gydag arthritis, gan amrywio o sesiynau gweithgaredd ar gyfer pobl ifanc i gefnogaeth ymarferol a gwybodaeth ar gyfer y rheiny gydag arthritis.

Branches and groups

Our support groups are a great way of meeting other people with the same condition in your area.

Face to face services

Our  Living Well services give you the information, tools and techniques you need to manage the challenges you face. As well as information drop in sessions there are a range of  workshops and sessions available, covering a variety of topics that you can choose, based on how relevant they are to you including:

  • understanding pain and other symptoms
  • effective communication about your condition
  • activity and exercise
  • arthritis awareness for carers and professionals

Our Living Well projects include:

Community Hubs: to increase awareness and self-management of arthritis. Working alongside community groups and health and social care professionals, our trained volunteers provide face-to-face contact at local drop-in points giving people with arthritis access to:

  • information – web-based and paper
  • self-management techniques
  • local service signposting
  • an individual service taking place face-to-face or over the phone
  • help with setting personal goals
  • support with shared decision making and the development of a self care plan

For more information on our Community Hub Services contact Alison Haden at 

Big Lottery LogoGet Active for Arthritis: Activity and exercise can be a challenge for people with arthritis who may have given it up because of pain or limited movement. Get Active is a Big Lottery Funded project running across North and Mid Wales, to help people living with Arthritis to take control of their condition and become more active, healthier and enjoy a more fulfilling life· You can:

  • Make an appointment to have a 1-2-1 session with an activity mentor who will help you find the right activities, support & information.
  • Attend activity taster sessions and self-management sessions.
  • Attend activity sessions such as Tai Chi for arthritis

Once you’ve found an activity on our project you enjoy we can help you find a regular session to join in with too.

For more information on Get Active please contact Christine Heathcote on

Young People and Families

Arthritis is still viewed as a condition of old age. Arthritis Care knows that it’s not – around 15,000 children and young people in the UK have some form of arthritis. It can be challenging to be a parent of a child with arthritis, and it can be isolating and difficult for children and teenagers to grow up with the condition.

Our family and youth work services in Wales provide information and support to young people with arthritis and their families.  We encourage young people to get together for a variety of fun activity and discussion-based events across Wales.

Beyond Limits: A new project delivered in partnership with University Hospital of Wales Cardiff and funded by Children in Need will provide emotional support and peer support opportunities for children and young people with juvenile arthritis across South, Mid and West Wales.

As well as information drop in sessions we will be delivering workshops including pain management, transition, sleep training, and sex and relationships as well as activities to reduce isolation including family days, friendship groups, activity weekends and secure groups on social media.

For more information on our Young People and Families services please contact Nia Lederle at


All of our services are either delivered or supported by our amazing volunteers. Volunteering is at the very heart of Arthritis Care. It is thanks to the hard work, enthusiasm and commitment of volunteers that we are able to support millions of people living with arthritis every year.


Arthritis Care believes arthritis should be a much higher policy priority in Wales. Nearly half a million people live with arthritis in Wales with the figure set to rise, yet the condition is often overlooked, underestimated and poorly understood.

We are busy campaigning to improve services – we are campaigning to cut waiting times for services used by people with arthritis, for health care NICE quality standards to be implemented, for earlier diagnoses and for better provision of signposting and information.

We also have a campaign for a new Paediatric Rheumatology Centre to be established in South Wales and we are campaigning for the Welsh Government to develop a national plan to limit the impact of arthritis.

To be kept up-to-date with our campaigns, please follow us on Facebook and Twitter. We are also setting up a Campaigns Network as well as recruiting ‘Change Maker Volunteers’ across Wales – for more information about the Network or volunteers opportunities, please email 

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