Arthritis Care Scotland is here to make sure that people with arthritis have all of the support and information they need to live well with their condition, as well as to ensure the needs of people with arthritis are a priority with policymakers in Scotland.

We run a number of different services for people of all ages with arthritis, ranging from activity classes for young people to practical support for those with arthritis looking to remain in work or get back into work.

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Branches and groups

Our support groups are a great way of meeting other people with the same condition in your community.

Face to face services

Our series of Living Well workshops give you the tools and techniques you need to manage the challenges you face. There are different workshops available, covering a range of topics that you can choose, based on how relevant they are to you.

Choices of workshops include:

  • understanding pain and other symptoms
  • effective communication about your condition
  • managing change
  • finance, welfare and employment
  • activity and exercise
  • tai chi
  • reiki

Our Living Well projects include:

Joint Activity: a programme supporting people living with arthritis or any other long-term condition to get active and stay active within their own community.

Working with arthritis

Joint Working: a project supporting people with rheumatoid arthritis and related conditions to remain in work, improve their overall health, well-being and quality of life by offering practical support and signposting.


All of our services are either delivered or supported by our amazing volunteers. Volunteering is at the very heart of Arthritis Care. It is thanks to the hard work, enthusiasm and commitment of volunteers that we are able to support millions of people living with arthritis every year.

Young People and Families

Around 15,000 children and young people in the UK have some form of arthritis. It can be challenging to be a parent of a child with arthritis, and it can be isolating and difficult for children and teenagers to grow up with the condition. 

Arthritis Care in Scotland offers a range of services to support children, young people and their families. 

Joint Potential: a programme of residential weekends and one day workshops for young people with arthritis or related conditions aged between 16-25 years. Weekends include our Activity Weekend, Self-Image, Positive Future, Good Relationships and Moving On, Moving Up. This programme is supported by the Scottish Government Self-Management Fund administered by the Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland.

Take Control: a project for 10-18 year olds, supported by Children in Need. It includes Joint Creativity, which is our arts project, one-day personal development workshops on sleep and pain management as well as an activity weekend. You can also tell us what you think through our Kids Have a Say forum which meets three times a year. 

Arthritis Awareness: a workshop delivered in schools to help raise awareness of the condition and its effects, particularly in children.

For more information about the service please contact: Gill Meens, Young People and Services Manager.

For more information on Joint Potential please contact Klaire Connor, Joint Potential Development Officer or for more information on Take Control please contact Izabela Mertowska-Shand, Take Control Development Officer.


Decisions made by the Scottish Government, by Health Boards and by local units, can all determine how long you have to wait for an appointment – with a GP, a hospital consultant, a physiotherapist, an occupational therapist, a podiatrist – or how long you have to wait to get the right medication or procedures.

Other Government decisions can affect the level of benefit you can claim, or whether you are eligible for benefits at all. Practical everyday issues such as transport, disabled parking and easy access to the right information are also a key focus of Arthritis Care Scotland’s campaigning.

All of these things matter. That is why Arthritis Care’s campaigning work is so important and why we need your help to make it more effective.

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