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Arthritis affects millions of people including your staff and customers. From raising money, to raising awareness, corporate partnerships are vital to helping to provide care and support to people with arthritis.  Working in partnership with us can support your staff who have arthritis, reduce absenteeism, motivate your employees, increase your brand awareness and engage your customers. Our corporate team will work with you to develop a tailor-made partnership which is the right fit for your company. Together we can transform the lives of millions of people in the UK whose lives are affected by arthritis.

Arthritis Care offers practical help and support to people with arthritis in the UK and this resonates well with many of Healthspan’s customers who have arthritis and joint health problems; supporting Arthritis Care seemed a natural choice.

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Why should you partner with Arthritis Care?

Developing insight

For companies that are serving people affected by arthritis, we can help improve your knowledge and understanding of what it’s like for people to live with arthritis. We can offer insight into arthritis and the impact it has on people’s lives, as well as offering Arthritis Awareness sessions to your staff and other stakeholders.

Increase sales and customer loyalty

Linking a brand or product to Arthritis Care can help increase sales, build customer loyalty and retain or recruit members. We can work together to ensure that any venture is innovative, exciting and produces mutually beneficial results.

Improving morale and engagement

Support Arthritis Care through campaigns, fundraising and volunteering! These activities can help to develop your team’s skills, improve internal communication, motivate staff and promote creativity – all through having fun for an exceptionally worthwhile cause!

Reducing lost productivity and supporting staff affected by arthritis

Arthritis is a chronic long-term health condition and the biggest cause of physical disability in the UK. Over 9.5 million working days are lost each year in the UK due to musculoskeletal disorders, costing an estimated £5.7 billion per annum to society.

Arthritis Care can support your business to ensure that your staff who are affected by arthritis understand how to manage their condition more effectively and give line managers the knowledge they need to manage their staff members.

Corporate partners can also signpost employees and customers to the Arthritis Care website or helpline if they need any information, peer support or emotional/practical help.

Increase brand awareness

Through sponsorship opportunities and media driven activities, Arthritis Care can increase the reach of your brand to new audiences. Our corporate partners have reported that their customers appreciate the association with our trusted charity brand.

For more information please contact Anna Caldwell – Corporate Fundraiser  email: tel: 020 7380 6560

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