How your support helps

With your support we can reach out and be here for everyone affected by arthritis and ensure they know they can turn to us and speak to someone who understands.

Growing up with juvenile arthritis has been incredibly challenging for Clare, but activity weekends run by Arthritis Care have helped to rebuild her confidence.

What we achieved last year

How your support helps infographic

 “From the second I walked into my first Arthritis Care support group, they gave me the emotional support I needed. Week by week I learned real, practical ways to deal with my arthritis. - Sharon McPherson

When I joined I was afraid of talking to strangers about my arthritis and didn’t like answering questions. But with your help I’ve become more confident about what my arthritis is and how to answer questions  - Gemma, participant in young people’s activity weekend.

 I did a tea party for Arthritis Care. Arthritis Care have given great support to my family after my eldest daughter Molly (now aged 14) was diagnosed at age 8 with Polyarticular JIA. So we just wanted to give something back - Shane Didcock, Oxfordshire.

Your support can help more people live well with arthritis

£5: could help pay for that all-important chat over the Helpline or over a cup of coffee to help people who have nowhere else to turn

£30: could help pay for a residential activity weekend for a young person living with arthritis, where they can meet other people like them and learn how to cope with everyday tasks

£250: could pay for a print run of ‘Managing Pain’ advice booklets to provide high quality information when pain is at its worst 

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